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2018/19 Accounts

This financial year ran from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019.


The Town Council's accounts are made up of several documents, starting with the budget which was approved in January 2018 and can be viewed here.

Progress against the budget is considered at each monthly meeting of the Town Council. Overall, the Council finished the year significantly over budget for both income and expenditure due to transactions associated with the project to provide three new playgrounds in Wetherby. 
Without this project skewing the figures, the Council finished the year under budget for expenditure items. 
An explanation of the Council's performance against the agreed budget is provided from page 9 of the financial statements below. 

The Council has now prepared and approved its accounts for the 2018/19 period. They can be viewed in the following document: WTC 2018-19 Financial Statements

This document also includes the annual report to account for the share of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) receipts paid by Leeds City Council relating to developments in Wetherby and shows the funds which were received, held and spent during the 2018/19 year. 

The Council routinely approves all payments at each monthly meeting. The list of payments made each month is recorded as an appendix to the minutes of that meeting and can be viewed using this link. 

Further detail on any aspect of the Council's accounts and financial affairs can be obtained by contacting the Clerk who is also the Council's Responsible Financial Officer. 

The Town Council undergoes three stages of audit each year. 

The first is carried out throughout the year as part of the Council's day-to-day checks, controls and processes. These are detailed in this document which was approved at the 2018 Annual Town Council Meeting: WTC 18-19 Internal Controls & Audit Plan 

The second is an independent check of all financial transactions relation to the 2018/19 financial year, as well as an audit of the Council's governance and practices. This was carried out by local firm of accountants Moulds & Co. Ltd.
Their report is contained in the following document: WTC 2018-19 Internal Auditor's Report

Finally, all Local Councils are required to complete and submit an 'Annual Governance and Accountability Return' (AGAR). This is then audited by a firm of accountants appointed by a sector-led body; the Smaller Authorities' Audit Appointments Ltd. This Council's AGAR for the 2018/19 period can be viewed here: WTC 2018-19 AGAR (Final)

The audit for the 2018/19 period has now been formally concluded and a notice to that effect can be viewed here: WTC 2018-19 Notice of Conclusion of Audit