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Leeds City Council - Survey on Secondary School Provision

Leeds City Council is seeking the views of communities in and around Wetherby and Boston Spa on the future of secondary school provision in the area.

Following an application by Boston Spa School to become an academy, the council requested Lord Agnew, the academies minister who approves applications, to delay any decision while the views of the community were sought.

The survey provides back ground information, data on finance and pupil numbers and gives you the opportunity to share your views on how secondary school places in the area should be organised for decades to come. 

The survey closes on 25 March and we’re encouraging all our parents and pupils to complete it and share their views. These will then be fed back to Lord Agnew. We’re trying to reach as many people as possible as this could have long lasting implications for the area so please do share with anyone you feel may want to contribute. more information about the survey can be found here.
Hard copies of the consultation document are available in Wetherby Town Hall. 


Council Votes to Support Town's High School
At its meeting on Tuesday 13th March, Wetherby Town Council overwhelmingly voted to support the proposal put forward by Leeds City Council that there is a need for only one secondary school in the area and that Wetherby, as the local town, should be the location for an outstanding school serving the town and surrounding areas.

Having had the opportunity to review the current community engagement survey and other recent correspondence, Councillors voted to support the motion that “Based upon the current information, Wetherby Town Council supports Leeds City Council’s proposal for the provision of one school for 11 – 18 year olds in Wetherby providing for the education of pupils from the town and surrounding area”.
This opinion, along with the views of other local Parish Councils, will now be submitted in response to the non-statutory consultation being undertaken by the Local Education Authority (Leeds City Council).

Representations were received from the Chairs of Governors of both Wetherby High School and Boston Spa High School and questions were posed by Wetherby residents and the large number of members of the public who had attended from outside the Wetherby town area. Those present were reminded that Wetherby Town Council is the Local Council representing Wetherby town only and as such a number of the questions posed could not be answered by Wetherby Town Councillors at last night’s meeting.

Local residents, both from Wetherby and the surrounding area, were encouraged to attend the forthcoming drop-in sessions hosted by local Leeds City Ward Councillors which will provide an opportunity for discussion on the subject of secondary school provision in a less formal setting than the Town Council meeting.

In taking this stance the Town Council has adopted a position supported by Wetherby residents through the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan. 84% of respondents supported the policy to provide new and improved secondary school provision on the existing site in a 2017 consultation on the pre-submission draft document.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Galan Moss, strongly urged all Wetherby residents to reply to the consultation which can be found online. Paper copies are available at Wetherby Town Hall.
Leeds City Council Elections - 3rd May 2018

Statement of Persons Nominated - 2018 Elections


Anyone for tennis? 

Starting on Wednesday, April 18th, the Education Trust for Wetherby, in collaboration with Wetherby Castlegarth Tennis Club and Head Coach Angela Crossley, is offering a 6-week tennis course suitable both for beginners and those who would like to refresh their skills.
It will cover both theory and practical skills. The course runs for 6 weeks from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm on Wednesday evenings at the Club located on Scott Lane, Wetherby. It has superb facilities, including floodlighting, and Angela Crossley is a highly experienced coach who has won many awards. 
The fee for the 6-week course is £45 and includes the loan of equipment. Places are limited, so early booking is advisable. For details on how to enrol, please email cbentley@wetherbyhigh.co.uk.

Leeds City Council - Site Allocations Consultation


Public consultation has begun on proposals by Leeds City Council to protect 33 housing sites in green belt areas of the city.
As part of amendments to the city’s Site Allocations Plan (SAP) which identifies locations for future housing, the council has put forward a revised approach to sites in the green belt for consideration.

Under the proposed change, the 33 sites which can be seen listed here would be named as ‘Broad Locations’, which would give them increased protection as they would not be considered for any future development until such time as the council thinks it is necessary. Other sites would be developed first ahead of these 33 locations, which together make up almost 55 per cent of all green belt locations identified in the plan as a whole.

The consultation is now underway and will run until 5pm on Monday 26 February. To take part go to www.leeds.gov.uk/yourcity. Response forms are also available at all council-managed libraries and one stop centres.

The proposed change follows a review of green belt housing allocations carried out following new government guidelines announced in September.

In light of potentially lower overall housing targets for Leeds, the council has revised its approach. The impact would mean these locations, previously identified as potentially having 6,450 future homes, would be retained as green belt.

The feedback received in the consultation will be passed on to government-appointed inspectors as part of their consideration of the council’s plans.

Leeds City Council executive member for regeneration, transport and planning Councillor Richard Lewis said: “We are firmly committed to ensuring there is no unnecessary loss of green belt land in Leeds while meeting future housing need.
It is important these plans continue to progress, as it is the only way for us to ensure we can make our own decisions on houses being built in the right places where they are needed rather than others making those decisions and us having to accept it.
Based on the latest information and recent government announcements, we have reviewed our approach to protect these green belt sites, rather than releasing them prematurely. Together they make up more than half of the green belt sites currently identified in the plan, so we look forward to hearing people’s views in this consultation.”
Shoe Sales in the Town Hall - 2018
Wetherby Men's Forum


Outline Planning Application - Land Off Racecourse Approach
Outline planning application with all matters reserved except for access, for the creation of a new community comprising up to 800 dwellings, a food store (A1) (up to 372 sq.m), primary school and public open spaces.

Details can be viewed online using this link.
Outline Planning Application - Land at top of Spofforth Hill
17/01897/OUTMAJ | Outline application for the erection of up to 210 dwellings and associated infrastructure, with access to (but not within) the site considered. (Site Area 13.17Ha) | Land Comprising Field At 439236 449205 Harrogate Road Stockeld North Yorkshire

Details can be viewed online using this link.