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Get Set Leeds!
What is Get Set Leeds?
Get Set Leeds is a chance for people to share ideas on what getting active means to them and what changes in the city might get them moving more. We want Leeds to be the most active city in the UK – because it’s good for individual health and wellbeing, good for communities and good for the city as a whole.
As part of the city’s Healthy Weight Declaration and Health & Wellbeing strategy we are committed to co-producing a physical activity ambition with the city.  We will listen to residents, community groups, organisations, partners and stakeholders and create a shared vision for the city and shape a “social movement” campaign: To get everybody moving more, we need to shift how we think and change what we do, together. 

What is happening now?
Get Set Leeds is a partnership of Active Leeds and Public Health (Leeds City Council), the Health Partnerships Team, Sport Leeds and Leeds Beckett University, working together with people and communities in the city to make Leeds more active.
Between now and the end of 2019 we will hold focus groups with a range of targeted groups and communities whose activity levels are low.  We will also work with businesses, community leaders and health professionals. Running alongside all this is an online public ‘conversation’ exploring the varied role activity plays in people’s lives and the aspects of living or working in the city that make it easy to be active or that get in the way. 

What will happen next?
We will use the findings from the conversation to define a new ‘physical activity ambition’ for Leeds. People and groups who have taken part in the conversation will be invited to work together with us on creating the ambition and on planning and delivering activities, campaigns and change within the city to make that ambition a reality.
The ambition is likely to recognise that the city is a complex ‘system’, with many different factors influencing whether people feel motivated to be active and whether they are able to act on that motivation. Understanding how these factors interact will show people how the decisions they take – large or small – can all help make Leeds more active.

Take part using this link: getsetleeds.co.uk

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