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"A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction ... by one or more members of the public about the [Town] Council's action, or lack of action, or about the standard of a service, whether the action was taken or the service provided by the council itself or a person or body acting on behalf of the council." - Local Government Ombudsman

Wetherby Town Council is committed to providing high quality services to its parishioners, but in any organisation things can sometimes go wrong. That is why the Town Council has adopted a policy which sets out its procedure for dealing with any complaints that it receives.
This procedure has been adopted for dealing with complaints about the Council’s administration or its procedures. It does not specifically focus upon complaints about an employee of the Council that are appropriate to be dealt with as an employment matter and in accordance with the Council’s disciplinary procedures and should be directed to the Town Clerk. 

The procedure does not cover complaints about the conduct of Members of the Town Council which should be referred directly to the The Monitoring Officer at Leeds City Council, with more information available on their website. 

Complaints Procedure