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Wetherby Town Council

Wetherby Town Council traces its origins back to the establishment of parish councils in 1894. Local government reorganisation in 1974 saw the council adopt the title of Town Council and take over the functions of the Wetherby Burial Board, including the town cemetery.

The Town Council has fifteen councillors, elected every four years. The Town Council meets once a month on the second Tuesday. The Town Council meetings set policy and take major decisions whilst day to day matters are dealt with by the Town Clerk. The Town Council employs a total of ten staff in a variety of roles.

The Town Council is largely funded by a precept paid by local people through their Council tax bills. Some income comes from other Council activities.

Apart from its own responsibilities the Town Council also directly, or indirectly, supports many local activities. These include Wetherby in Bloom, the Christmas Lights and grants to other local groups.



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