Welcome to Wetherby Town Council

Vacancy on Town Council

There is currently a vacancy on Wetherby Town Council, caused by the resignation of a councillor at the end of 2023. 

At the request of electors in the West Ward the vacancy is being filled through a formal election process as shown in this 'notice of election'.

The poll took place on 8th February 2024 and the result has now been declared in this 'Declaration of Result' notice. 

Thank you to every elector who voted and we look forward to welcoming Elaine Smith to the council.

Parking Charges in Wetherby

Leeds City Council is carrying out a consultation around proposals to introduce parking charges in Wetherby. 

If you consider that the introduction of parking charges in Wetherby would be a bad thing, then please consider signing an online petition put forward by some of your local Ward Councillors who sit on Leeds City Council. You can access the petition using this link. 
Consultation Document & Questionnaire

 A summary of the proposals being consulted on is as follows:

1) Leeds City Council is proposing to introduce a modest parking charge at Wetherby Wilderness and Station Gardens car parks.
2) The proposed payment method is by card, including contactless, at a parking machine as cash machines are vulnerable to theft.
3) The prices proposed, including a 15p transaction fee, are as follows:
Wilderness Car Park
Charging hours Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm
Up to 1 hour free, after that
Up to 1 hour 65p
Up to 2 hours £1.15
Up to 3 hours £1.65
Up to 4 hours £2.15
Up to 5 hours £2.65
Up to 6 hours £3.15
Up to 7 hours £3.65 (daily maximum charge)
Weekly ticket £12.15
Station Gardens Car Park
Charging hours Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm
Up to 3 hours free
£2.15 daily charge after that
Weekly ticket £10.15
4) We are proposing that drivers would pay a charge for each visit. although there is potential for a convenient season ticket option for those who regularly visit. Sundays and evenings (after 6pm) would be free. As it is proposed that one hour would be free at Wilderness this means there would be no charge for anyone arriving after 5pm. At Station Gardens the proposed free period is 3 hours so there would be no charge for anyone arriving after 3pm.
5) We are not proposing to charge ‘Blue Badge’ holders for using the car park. Under our existing proposals, these visitors would be exempt from paying car park charges.
6) We would look to offer payments method by credit or debit card or mobile phone payment. We are not proposing to accept cash payments on-site due to the risk of theft and/or vandalism.
7) We would consider introducing measures to prevent overspill parking if this was a problem, for example by introducing double yellow lines where appropriate.

Wetherby Town Council's Response to the Consultation