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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum
Over the past few years Wetherby Town Council has been working with local community representatives and organisations to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for the town.

Neighbourhood plans are prepared by local communities and help Leeds City Council to decide on planning applications. 
They can also identify local projects which help to improve sustainability. 

A referendum was held on 30th January when it was agreed by 1,973 votes to 281 that the Wetherby Neighbourhood Plan should be used by Leeds City Council to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area. 
The turnout for the referendum was 24.26%

You can view the declaration of the result of the poll here. 

You can view the final version of the plan here. 


Neighbourhood Plan - Front Cover
Transport Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Consultation
As part of the Local Plan, Leeds City Council is undertaking formal public consultation on a new Transport Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).   The Transport SPD is an amalgamation of four existing Transport Related SPDs: the Street Design Guide, Travel Plans, Parking and Public Transport and Developer Contributions SPDs.  In addition, the Transport SPD contains new guidance on a methodology for calculating cumulative impact payments for schemes identified as being required due to growth from the whole plan period. This is the first stage of consultation, a paper was considered by Development Plans Panel on 12th November 2019.

A Climate Emergency was declared by Leeds City Council in March 2019 and this has been reflected in the SPD. The Transport SPD therefore contains guidance on Transport Policy context; street design in new developments, including layout, speed restraint, servicing, footway and cycleway requirements, landscaping and highway tree planting, garages and drives, designing for disabled people, materials and adoption standards; how to produce a travel plan to support a planning application; parking standards for new developments; electric vehicle charging points to supplement policy EN8,  requirements for public transport enhancements where accessibility standards are not currently met and requirements for access to existing or provision of new bus stops, bus shelters and real time passenger information; and cumulative impact payments methodology.

From 6 January, you will be able to access the consultation document via the web – www.leeds.gov.uk/Transportspd.  As a preference, the City Council is seeking to encourage representations to be made online, the link therefore provides an opportunity to comment via an online form, which will assist in the processing of comments and efficient use of council resources.

 If you wish to make representations on the Transport SPD these must be made online or in writing within the 6 week period between Monday 6 January 2020 until 5pm Monday 17 February 2020.

Representations should be submitted using the online response form, or by email localplan@leeds.gov.uk or via post to: Transport SPD, Policy and Plans, Merrion House, 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8BB
The public consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 17th February 2020.
Mayor's Charity Donations

Mayor and primary school pupils.

The Mayor of Wetherby, Councillor Galan Moss, has been delighted to be able to distribute £1,000 to the PTAs (Parent Teacher Associations) of the four Wetherby primary schools. 
Councillor Moss had identified the key support groups of each school as his ‘Mayoral Charity’ for 2018/19. Explaining his choice of charities Councillor Moss said: “My children went to Crossley Street Primary School, I was a Governor at St. James’ CE Primary School and so I have a strong connection to primary education in the town. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to be able to give something back.”

The funds were raised across the Mayor’s first year in office and include donations from public appearances and from Town Councillors in lieu of sending each other Christmas Cards.

Responding to the cheque presentation Louise Milivojevic, Head Teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, said that: “We are delighted to receive such an amazing amount and would like to thank Councillor Moss on behalf of the governors, staff, pupils and parents at St Joseph's for his generosity. I would also like to thank both the Mayor and Mayoress for their endless support and the time they have given up to join us for some truly fantastic events this year! It has been wonderful to welcome them both to our school and the children have been delighted!”

Cheques were given to representatives of each school when they attended the Town Hall on 24th September.