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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum
Over the past few years Wetherby Town Council has been working with local community representatives and organisations to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for the town.

Neighbourhood plans are prepared by local communities and help Leeds City Council to decide on planning applications. 
They can also identify local projects which help to improve sustainability. 

A referendum was held on 30th January when it was agreed by 1,973 votes to 281 that the Wetherby Neighbourhood Plan should be used by Leeds City Council to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area. 
The turnout for the referendum was 24.26%

You can view the declaration of the result of the poll here. 

Leeds City Council has now agreed that the plan has been 'made' or formally adopted. This is their decision statement confirming this. 

You can view the final version of the plan here. 


Neighbourhood Plan - Front Cover
Vacancy on Wetherby Town Council


Due to a recent resignation there is a vacancy on Wetherby Town Council. 
The first stage of filling the vacancy is for electors in the West Ward to be given the opportunity of requesting an election. This must be done by sending a formal written request to Leeds City Council by 24th March. 
Letters can be sent to the Returning Officer, Leeds City Council, Electoral Servics, Civic Hall, Calverley Street, LS1 1UR.