Welcome to Wetherby Town Council

Town Councillors

Wetherby Town Council is made up of fifteen, volunteer councillors who are elected every four years. 5 councillors represent each of the three wards. You can see which Ward you live in on this map of the parish

Additional information about each Councillor, including appointments to committees and links to their registers of interests, can be found by clicking on their profile picture. 

The main method of contacting the Town Council is via the offices in the Town Hall, but you can also e-mail a Councillor directly using the details given below.


Samantha (Sam) Bennett
East Ward
E: sam.bennett@wetherby.co.uk
Councillor Sam Bennett
Paul Bradley
East Ward
E: paul.bradley@wetherby.co.uk

Dean Buckle
West Ward
E: dean.buckle@wetherby.co.uk
Councillor Dean Buckle
Harry Chapman
North Ward
E: harry.chapman@wetherby.co.uk
David Frame
West Ward
E: david.frame@wetherby.co.uk

Norma Harrington
North Ward
E: norma.harrington@wetherby.co.uk

Victor Hawkins
North Ward
E: victor.hawkins@wetherby.co.uk
Councillor Victor Hawkins
Alan Lamb
East Ward
E: alan.lamb@wetherby.co.uk
Councillor Alan Lamb
Joanne (Jo) Maltby
East Ward
E: jo.maltby@wetherby.co.uk
Galan Moss
West Ward
E: galan.moss@wetherby.co.uk


Connor Mulhall
North Ward
E: connor.mulhall@wetherby.co.uk
Councillor Connor Mulhall
Neil O'Byrne - Mayor
North Ward
E: neil.obyrne@wetherby.co.uk
Councilllor Neil O'Byrne
Dawn Payne
East Ward
E: dawn.payne@wetherby.co.uk
Councillor Dawn Payne
Tom Smith MBE
West Ward
E: tom.smith@wetherby.co.uk